Admit it, we all have a thing for adorable mammals and otters are probably one of them. With large eyes and a short, fluffy physique, many people see otters as friendly mammals. But while we may not be able to visit the zoo to see these cute creatures, Victoria Zoo virtually brings them to your home with Pets at home.

With the goal of bringing happiness to everyone, this series houses 24/7 live animal cameras, virtual tours and weekly keeper chats accessible to anyone, anywhere and whenever. New in the series is the Otter Den Cam—Yes, it’s a live otter webcam — at the Melbourne Zoo. The Otter reality show is broadcast live from their home, aka the birdhouse, where they spend much of their time sleeping inside.

Starring Paula, ten, and Odie, three, take a look at their parenting journey by raising four little puppies, Murphy, Rodney, Gunther and Squid. Throughout the live broadcast you will likely be surprised by the camera, but you can rest assured that the baby otters are just a loud bunch that bond through their playful interactions.

You can also browse the page to see other animal cameras, including the one at Melbourne Zoo penguins, giraffes, snow Leopard as well as the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Lion cam.

Or watch the live broadcast of the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.

Image credit: Victoria Zoos