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Bald Eagle Family Live Camera

Ron and Rita are a couple of bald eagles, who started the year with new newborn babies.

You can tune in to watch a family of bald eagles in South Florida spend their day via Miami-Dade County live nest camera.

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“Rita laid her first egg on Thanksgiving Day,” said Ron Magill, wildlife expert and director of communications at Zoo Miami. The birds are named after him and his wife, Rita Magill.

She laid three eggs in total, which is unheard of, according to Magill. The first egg hatched on New Year’s Day.

The Ron Magill Conservation Endowment, along with the Wildlife Rescue of Dade County worked together to launch the live camera and help the eagle family.

“My job is to connect people to nature. There’s an old saying that in the end, we protect what we love. We like what we understand and we understand what we are taught,” Magill said. “Our hope is that when people watch this camp, they learn to love these birds. They learn to truly respect and understand the struggles that nature has and that we can all coexist with.

Bald Eagle Family Live Camera

The 25th Annual Miami Jewish Film Festival

Miami Jewish Film Festival is back with more movies than ever before at 148 movies. Some of the events will be in person and outdoors – most screenings will be online.

“We’re putting a whole spotlight on Made in Florida movies, made in Florida stories,” said festival executive director Igor Shteyrenberg.

One of these films is called ‘iMordecai‘ and it was shot here in Miami. It is a story of family, aging and reconciliation.

Mordecai Samel, a retiree, desperately clings to his old ways. Even using an old flip phone.

He doesn’t want to grow old, but eventually he opens up to new experiences. And it all starts when he receives his first iPhone.

“It’s based on my dad, Mordecai Samuel, who I had to tone down for the movie because my dad is quite a character,” said Marvin Samel, the director of the film which debuts this week at the Jewish Film Festival. from Miami. .

“This is my love letter to the City of Miami and Miami Dade County. Every shot in this movie is personal to my parents and I couldn’t imagine shooting anywhere else. It was an amazing experience.

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