Blake Masters (R.AZ)

Of The New York Times:

Blake Masters, a Republican Senate candidate from Arizona who won the endorsement of former President Donald J. Trump, was followed by a series of youthful writings in which he lamented the United States’ entry in World Wars I and II, approvingly quoted a Nazi war criminal and pushed an isolationism that extended even beyond that of Mr. Trump.

In the most recent examples, unearthed and provided to The New York Times by opponents of Mr. Masters, he took for the CrossFit chatroom, his workout of choice, as a 2007 Stanford undergraduate to espouse views that may not sit well with the 2022 Republican electorate.

As he had done in other forums, Mr Masters wrote on the CrossFit chat room that he opposed US involvement in both World Wars – although World War II did he conceded, “is harder to discuss because of the burning issue of the Holocaust (never mind that our friend Stalin murdered more than twice as many as Hitler…why do we forget that in schools? ).

He did not address Pearl Harbor or say whether he thought the United States should have ignored it.

Also on the CrossFit chat room, Mr Masters, then 20, argued that Iraq and al-Qaeda “did not pose substantial threats to Americans”.

None of this should be surprising:

Masters, a protégé of Pierre Thiel — the billionaire and quasi-libertarian from Silicon Valley who wrote, “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible” – launched a variety of nonsensical and racist theories. He bluntly declared that Donald Trump had won the 2020 election and suggested that January 6 was a false flag secretly run by the FBI. He blame gun violence against black people. “We have a gun violence problem in this country, and that’s gang violence,” he said. “It’s people from Chicago, St. Louis, shooting each other. you know, black people, frankly.”) He endorsed the “great replacement” theory. And he has echoes far-right positions on foreign policy, opposing American entry into World War II and blaming American entry into World War I on a secret plot led by the “House of Morgan and Rothschild”.

Comments like these won admiration not only from Trump, who supported him, but also, predictably, from the Nazis. Neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin gave Masters full endorsement on white supremacist site the Daily Stormer.

Here’s how Masters responded to the endorsement in a statement to the Phoenix new timeswho reported it:

“I have never heard of this guy and I reject his support. The reason I’ve never heard of him is because he’s nobody and nobody cares about him except the media,” Masters said in an email to New times. “They would like to build it in order to smear anyone who believes in common sense border security as some kind of ‘Nazi’. It’s a cheap tactic from Mark Kelly’s media allies and it won’t work.

To be clear on this, Anglin isn’t just some kind of racist, nor does he attract racists with Tucker Carlson-style dog whistles. He is an obsessive supporter of eliminationist anti-Semitism. “It’s the Jews for you people. They are a vicious and evil race of hate-filled psychopaths. When you do something they don’t like, they’ll use the power of the media to come down on you, murder your character,” Anglin wrote in what the new times called “a series of 30 articles that advocates the genocide of the Jewish people”.

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