Just plug in the USB cable and the Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p will work with any Mac or PC computer, giving you 1080p video and a microphone for any video chat. Microphone performance is very good and Full HD video looks great under the right circumstances. However, the lack of a control panel to manage video settings can lead to image overexposure, so you need to set up your room carefully. Still, as a cheap upgrade to a bad desktop or laptop camera, things don’t get any easier than with this webcam.


  • Plug in and use
  • Easy to position
  • Security blanket
  • Crisp video

The inconvenients

  • No adjustment tools
  • Does not support sunlight well

Key specs

  • Critic’s Price: £ 49.99
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • 1080p resolution
  • USB interface

It seems likely that we’ll have to get used to doing a lot more video chats, either for work or for fun. If you’re stuck with a rotten webcam on your laptop or need something for your desktop, Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p is an inexpensive 1080p upgrade.

A decent microphone and crisp image are good to see, but this model has no control over the appearance of the image, and it’s easy for parts of the image to look a bit washed out.

Design and Features – Simple and flexible to configure

The creative live! Cam Sync 1080p is pretty straightforward and straightforward, with a large plastic body whose lens protrudes from the front. You have a few mounting options for this.

For most installations, you can use the clip on the back to hang the webcam on top of your monitor. You can tilt the camera back and forth, although it’s a bit too easy to drop it from the top.

If you prefer, there is a tripod mount base to hang the camera on a more stable platform. The latter option is especially useful if you want to use the remote camera to reach a larger group of people.

Creative live!  1080p Cam Sync Tripod Mount

In both editing modes, the camera can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can point it away from yourself over a table to film someone else.

Privacy is a big issue with webcams, but this model comes with a simple plastic cover that clips onto the lens to block the image.

Creative live!  1080p Cam Sync Lens Cover

Creative made it Live! Cam Sync 1080p as easy to set up as it gets. This model doesn’t have any drivers for it, so you just need to plug it into a Windows or Mac via the USB socket and your job is done.

There is no optional software for this model, so your only job is to make sure you have Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p defined as both microphone and webcam. While you can set defaults for your entire operating system, you might also need to verify that each video calling software is configured correctly.

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Performance – Very sharp but it can struggle with uneven light

Although Creative says the camera is wide-angle, the lens has a 77-degree (diagonal) field of view. Indeed, if you sit at a regular distance from a monitor, you can comfortably squeeze two people into the frame; you can get more if you push the camera away (this is where a tripod really makes sense).

There’s a built-in 1080p sensor, although support depends on the software you’re using: Google Meet, for example, supports a maximum resolution of 720p, while Zoom reaches a maximum of 1080p.

The quality is generally very good, with a sharper and clearer picture than most built-in webcams. Compared to the 720p camera on my MacBook Pro, the Live! Cam Sync 1080p looked much sharper and the color balance was better as well. Below you can see the Live! Cam (top) against my Macbook Pro’s camera (bottom).

The camera is not without its problems, however. Sitting in my office with the sun shining to the side, and the camera overexposed the image, making it hard to see my face (top photo, below). Closing the blinds helped (bottom photo), but I still lost a lot of background detail.

Creative live!  Cam Sync - Zoom Open Blinds Creative live!  Cam Sync - Zoom Blinds closed

It doesn’t help that there is no control over the brightness and contrast of the camera. In fact, the only controls you get over image quality are through the app you use and these vary by service: Google Meet, for example, lets you change the resolution; Zooming allows you to adjust to a dark room and change the resolution.

You’ll need to make sure you’re sitting in the perfect spot, paying attention to how the light enters the room to get the most out of this camera.

There is a built-in microphone, which turned out to be more than clear enough that I could have a conversation with other people on video chat.

Should you buy the Creative Live! Synchronization of 1080p cameras?

If you have a desktop that doesn’t have a camera or a laptop that has a bad webcam, the Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p is a breakthrough. Running at a maximum resolution of 1080p, this webcam can shoot high quality and crisp video, although you will need to balance the light in your room to prevent the image from being overexposed.

The mount is also a bit flimsy, and balancing the camera on a monitor isn’t as easy as it should be. That said, this camera is quite inexpensive and is a simple plug-and-play upgrade for those who need it.