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The Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p V2 is more than just a webcam for your garden. It has a Windows app that can adjust voice detection, noise cancellation levels, and more. It is also a bright webcam with f / 2.4 aperture, so you can use it in low light conditions.

During the COVID crisis, webcams became as rare as chicken teeth, and it was all about buying what you can get. Typically, most webcams under $ 100 have low resolution, low frame rates, and high video noise levels in low light conditions. It’s true [email protected] (frames per second), 77 ° FOV, with a suitable 4-element lens and a dual array of microphones.

Creative Australia currently has stock – please be quick. That’s a very reasonable price of $ 89.95 (on sale at $ 69.95 right now 3/8/21)

Creative Live Cam 1080p V2 sync

Website here
Price $ 89.95 but on special at $ 69/95 3/8/21 inc. free post in australia
guarantee 12 month LCA
Manufacturing country China
On Creative Labs, based in Singapore (Est 1981), is famous for its PC sound cards and, more recently, its speakers, headsets and webcams.
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First impression

Nicely symmetrical, small black rectangle with a central lens and a dual mic array behind a grille. The mount is a typical type of friction for the monitor, and it has a standard tripod socket.

It has a 1.8m black USB-A cord and consumes 5V / 0.5A, so it will work with USB 2.0 or later. There is also a privacy door that snaps over the lens.

More surprising is the price. That’s not a lot of money for what it offers – a major leap over the cheap generic 720p webcams and a smaller reduction over professional-class cameras from Logitech and Poly.

How is?

Now that you know its place in the market, you need to know what to expect. In short, better, sharper, images and voice.

It certainly has a bright image and a loud, clear sound. In comparison with the Logitech Brio ([email protected]), Logitech Stream (2.1MP [email protected]), Surface Pro 7 (3.7 MP 2560 x [email protected]) and Creative Live (2.1MP [email protected]), it produced a perfectly acceptable image – perhaps a bit exaggerated and not quite accurate colors.

On the sound side, callers found the Logitech Brio the best, followed by the Stream, the Creative Life and the Surface Pro 7.

So, it’s in well-respected company for a lower price.

The application

All the necessary “auto” application settings are on the device, ready to use. We played around with the sound settings and found the two most useful were

  • Mic Mute Delay to automatically reactivate the microphone – suitable for small videoconferencing meetings
  • Noise cleaning is perfect for removing background noise like an air conditioner

Surprisingly, there were no video settings. I hope Creative takes note – Logitech’s ability to change gamma, white balance, depth of field, “beautification filters” and many more are helpful. But hey, what can you expect from this valuable device.

GadgetGuy take

Just lining up four webcams to examine this gave me a better idea of ​​how serious a generic camera is.

The Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p V2 has a clear and bright picture and a quality vocal microphone. A great choice for the price


It’s not the best, but it’s far from the worst. At the price, it’s a ripper. The Poly Studio P5 is a worthy contender, but at $ 200 you would need to do a lot of video conferencing. Since 8/10 is a credible pass, we add extra points for value.

Creative Live Cam 1080p V2 sync

The Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p V2 is a webcam ripper for its performance and price

Good points

A significant advance over a generic webcam

Very good value for money for the features


Colors are not quite true