A pervert who was dressing up in girls’ underwear uploaded images of his friend’s daughter to Facebook and uploaded them to a pedophile chat room where he and another made “highly sexualized” comments about her .

Steven Partridge, of Delamere Road, Earley, was spared jail in what a Crown Court judge described as an “unusual case” despite his actions described as “despicable”, “terrible” and “disturbing”.

A court heard how the 41-year-old sent the images of his friend’s daughter and another young girl to a pedophile in a chat room after developing a fetish for women’s underwear.

In an interview with the police following his arrest, Partridge claimed that he was not attracted to young girls, but that he was attracted to their underwear and that he would dress in them. these clothes.

Earley’s man, who posed online as “Jake Parsons” when uploading the footage, was forced to listen as the mother of the girl he posted footage lodged on him upon conviction.

The mother said he asked her several times to go on dates, but she refused and claimed that she now realized he was “trying to reach my daughter”.

She said, “Since I got the phone call [about what Partridge had done] I felt horrified and sickened in my stomach that someone I was friends with was using these images in such a sickening way.

“It made me question everyone about my [Facebook] friends list.

“I am now extremely careful about what my daughter is wearing. I am paranoid all the time. I no longer post photos on my social networks.

“I feel like I can no longer share my children’s accomplishments with my friends and family. ”

Partridge uploaded the pictures of her friend’s daughter after becoming a friend on Facebook.

He then sent them to another pedophile who was being followed by Derbyshire Police.

It was this force that would later inform local police of Partridge’s actions and the 41-year-old’s devices were seized when officers confronted him at his home following inquiries.

The mother said she felt her daughter had been “completely raped”.

She added: “The fact that he stole pictures of my beautiful daughter is absolutely disgusting and breaks my heart.

“I can’t get my head off that he thought it was okay to post these images knowing that these comments would be made.

“It has greatly affected mine and that of my children. He left me feeling too cautious for their safety.

“It will not go away and he should be held fully responsible.”

Partridge’s actions were a “breach of trust,” prosecutor Stefan Weidmann alleged.

In defense, Michael Phillips said Partridge was plagued by cocaine and cannabis addiction when he started sending the pictures to the other pedophile in December 2020.

The lawyer explained that Partridge was a transvestite who liked to dress in female underwear and was not attracted to young girls but to what they wore.

Mr Phillips said: “He thinks things go back 30 years to a fetish he developed when it comes to women’s underwear.

“He was invited to a friend’s house [when he was younger] and they were playing a game where they guess the color of people’s underwear.

The defense reminded the judge that Partridge had only sent the images to one other person rather than to “thousands” on an open forum, and that they were “not illegal images.”

A court heard that Partridge had also reduced his drug use and was undergoing therapy.

Upon sentencing, Judge Dugdale said the offenses were “extremely unusual” and this was “the first time” that he had to convict someone for them.

The judge said Partridge and the pedophile had a “highly sexualized conversation about what you’d like to do” with his friend’s daughter.

He continued, “You used these photos for your sexual pleasure.

“[The mother] is right when she says she feels her daughter was completely raped because she was completely raped.

“What you did was absolutely terrible. It was absolutely horrible. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare in the digital age.

“You don’t expect your friends to share your images online for their sexual gratification. ”

Judge Dugdale said it had been “difficult” to decide on an appropriate sentence for Partridge as there was “no direction” and “no authority” on this particular issue.

He equated the offenses – which involved posting “obscene” messages online – with possession of less explicit indecent images.

The judge said: “You already have good character and you have clearly expressed remorse.

“I accept that you asked for help with your problems and started to receive treatment. ”

Partridge was given a six-month suspended prison sentence on six counts of publishing an obscene article after Judge Dugdale suggested the 41-year time would be better spent on re-education rather than jail.

He was also given a suspended sentence for five counts of possession of indecent images.

Partridge will go through a two-year rehabilitation program and be on the sex offender registry for seven years.

After being released from the dock, Partridge was confronted with the mother of the girl whose images he had posted online.

She shouted, “It’s just a kid, Stephen! while being escorted to a private room.

Partridge was sentenced to Reading Crown Court on Thursday, September 9.