Kate Chastain is out Bravo chat room. In February, Bravo announced that the Under the bridge alum leaves the show after one season. However, Kate did not announce it herself. Instead, the cable network she was leaving the show behind. But she is still the creator and producer of the series.

Summer house star Hannah Berner has confirmed Kate’s exit. She said Kate was still a part of it and she wasn’t part on bad terms. But Hannah isn’t quite sure why the former yachtie left the night show. She just wishes Kate good luck.

As for some fans, they believe Kate was fired from Bravo chat room.

Kate Chastain mocks shooting rumors

On Thursday, Kate Chastain took to Twitter to announce that she was on Radio Andy with the singer posing as Amy Phillips. A fan wanted to know why she left Bravo chat room. They were hoping to get a response from the TV personality. On Andy Cohen’s radio show, Kate said she had to return to Florida.

“Thanks now I got my answer as to why you are not on the chatroom you should have told your fan so now we know why it’s just the three [hosts], “the fan replied to Kate.

“Awww Phillip, thanks for your concern,” the former stew chef written back. “I hope I was able to answer your question sufficiently.”

Another fan stepped in and said he missed Kate’s reason on the radio show. The first fan said that he thinks Kate was fired because she “went back to Florida” and then “left the show” because her New York apartment lease was up.

“LOLLLL for someone so concerned with my response, you certainly seem determined to draw your own conclusions, no matter what,” Kate applauded.

Since then, Kate has not mentioned her departure from the series. She only explained that she had to go back to Florida. Looks like the reality TV star wants to be closer to her family. However, that hasn’t stopped rumors that Kate may be making a return to Under the bridge.

Fans have different theories on its release

While Kate Chastain is gone Under the bridge a year ago, she is still part of the Bravo family. She starred in several spinoffs, including Under Bridge: Galley Talk and Watch with Kate Chastain. But since she quit Chat, fans are still wondering if she will return Under the bridge. The nighttime talk show starred Kate alongside Gizelle Bryant from The real housewives of the Potomac, Hannah Berner from Summer house, and Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The original concept of the series was to make six episodes over two weeks. But that’s just where it developed. Kate has not been confirmed for a second season. Some fans believe she plans to work on the next season of Under the bridge, that’s why she returned to Florida.

Meanwhile, others believe Kate is gone because of the drama. They feel that there was tension between the co-stars. At Reddit, one fan noted: “Kate liked the tweets left and right shading the chat room and shading Hannah. [sic] She’s not happy with the other ladies, don’t let her interfere.

A talk show format is very new to Kate. She is used to working on a yacht and staring in a reality TV show. Most fans watched Chat because of Kate, so they’re unhappy to see her gone. Some believe that Kate wants to separate from Hannah, who has had her share of controversy.

What are your thoughts? Why did Kate leave Bravo chat room? Do you think she will come back Under the bridge? Sound off below in the comments.

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