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The “Chat Room Not Connected” error often tends to come back into the game with new updates / fixes and is essentially something that most people ignore, but it can be an implication of a bigger issue.

As the name suggests, the “unconnected chat room” prevents users from using the chat room to communicate; While most players can get away with not being too careful, errors like this can indicate a connection error between them and the Riot servers.

Most connection errors can be resolved nationally, which would naturally reduce the risk of major connectivity failures in the future. Gamers with any type of network problem can try these remedies.

How to fix chat room not connected error in VALORANT


The age-old fix to most software, a simple restart of the game can fix any temporary issues that may arise as you head into the game. Rebooting the game / pc will essentially cut all links between the local client and the servers of game ensuring the re-establishment of connectivity. A quick restart will fix the issue on rare occasions, so it’s worth a try.

Restarting the router:

Again, another widely accepted national remedy for network problems. That little box that sits on the desk can sometimes be too stressed out to deliver your packages, causing a wide array of network outages to all of your devices. Pulling out the plug and keeping it off for 30 seconds until the residual charge has left it and plugging it back in can do the trick. Although gamers are strongly advised to use wired internet to ensure the best possible connection.

Run VALORANT as administrator

Running Valorant as administrator would give complete control over the network layers in the local client, which could help the game bypass any unnecessary security settings. Windows Firewall often blocks harmless software that it deems potentially dangerous. Therefore, running the game with administrator access resolves most Windows security issues.

Change your DNS address

Default DNS may not work at times, which can often slow your internet speed or stop it altogether. Using Google DNS or Cloudflare can never go wrong, arguably two of the most popular DNS, Google and Cloudflare are very powerful like any of their other services and they are more reliable than what your ISP has suggested. at one point. Changing the DNS to one of the two can help resolve connectivity issues.

Check for server issues

Riot is punctual in maintaining its server to avoid any avoidable issues that may well be the reason you can’t connect. Look up maintenance news on their social media and if all goes well, head to the crash detector to find a faulty server that Riot will fix indefinitely.

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