Artistic Director of the Infinithéâtre Guy Sprung is thrilled with the response to the first three plays in the series, The Infinite Playwrights’ Chat Room, where members of the public across Canada are invited to participate online in the development of exciting new plays. Once a week, a different script from a work-in-progress by Quebec playwrights is broadcast.

If you are intrigued by the play’s synopsis or appreciate the chance to get a preview of a first work to be a part of the process, they seek your input to help develop the next draft. The Infinite Playwrights chat room is open Thursday through June 11.

Upcoming, Black Dog by Marianne Ackerman (June 4) and Nickey’s Café by David Sherman: Stories of Lost Valley (June 11); please see game descriptions below. It is a real dramaturgical process. If they are interested, people read the play and think about the comments; questions, comments and suggestions they would like to offer. These comments from various readers help the writer to make decisions about the next version. During a Live Zoom session, people’s suggestions will be presented, providing the playwright with new inspiration for his next phase of development.

As a member of the public, the general public is invited to audit the event through Zoom and add comments during the question-and-answer session. If you would like to participate live in the discussion with the playwright, moderator, and other selected creators, let Infinithéâtre know when you email your comments. You can also be invited as a guest in the room. The Cats can also be viewed live on the Infinitheater Facebook page or streaming anytime.

Over a thousand people participated in and / or watched the discussions in The Infinite Playwrights’ chat room, offering comments and feedback. This from Evan Alderson, retired dean of fine arts at SFU in Vancouver, “I really enjoyed reading the draft of Oren Safdie‘s Imminent Domain and the online chat that followed. As someone who doesn’t play in the theater, it was so interesting to see professional theater people involved in the script development process. The online chat developed by Infinithéâtre is both an imaginative response to this latest theaters closure and a creative way to engage and enhance the theater audience experience going forward. “

From Guy Sprung, artistic director of the Infinithéâtre: “Times are dark for all of us, but for living theater, times are literally dark. The Infinithéâtre uses this time to develop the work of the future. The theater will return and we will need new, inspired plays; you can add your voice to the game development process. “

The first three discussions on the first three pieces of the Infinite Playwrights chat room, for King of Canada by Paul Van Dyck, Oren Safdie‘s Imminent Domain, and Alexandria Haber and Ned Cox’ The Silent Woman are available at Infinithéâtre YouTube channel, as well as archive videos of productions by the company Endgame / Fin de partie, Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Transforming the Voices of Montreal and Kafka’s Ape (Beijing).

The Infinithéâtre is the only theater in Quebec (in French or in English) whose mission is to develop, promote, produce and negotiate only plays written or adapted by Quebecois and Native Canadian authors, including play development programs. theatre Unity , Write on Q, and The pipeline.

To read Marianne Ackerman’s Black Dog and / or David Sherman’s Nickey’s Café: Stories of Lost Valley so you can have your say, or for more information, please contact: [email protected]

The Infinite Playwright Chat Room at Infinithéâtre

Black Dog by Marianne Ackerman, Thursday June 4

Nickey’s Café: Stories of Lost Valley by David Sherman, Thursday June 11

Zoom / Facebook conversations at 5 p.m.

To register for the webinar: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vfrpajZ5SouT0KcAMvKKUw

Or watch live on the Infinitheater Facebook page