As fans continue to wonder about Kate chastainthe early release of Bravo’s Chat – a show she also produced – the Under the bridge alum open exclusively to Us weekly on his experience with co-hosts Hannah Berner, Porsha Williams and Gizelle Bryant.

“I didn’t really want to explain my reason for leaving Bravo’s Chat immediately after I left because I felt like if I told the truth about my reasons for leaving people would think I was just giving an excuse, but the truth always ends up coming out, ”the personality said. 38-year-old reality show. We. “Sometimes it happens faster than you think. And after Summer house has been through her season, I think Hannah’s character has been more revealed. And then as recently as last week, I think the character of Porsha has been revealed a bit more. … It was a miserable enough experience that I don’t even like to think about it, but when people ask, I’m happy to be polite and obligated to respond.

Chastain noted that she “values” her job and time on Bravo, telling We, “They were very wonderful and generous to me, and they handled the situation in the way that suited me the best, and I am truly grateful to them.” She added, however, that Under the bridge is “a very different type of show” compared to Summer house, in which Berner played for three seasons, and the Real Housewives Franchise. (Williams, 39, stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, while Bryant, 50, is a The real housewives of the Potomac OG.)

“I love watching these shows. I’m a fan, but it’s interesting to see when you’re not doing a job. It’s interesting how these types of shows are performed by their actors. It’s a very different process, ”she said. We. “It’s not my favorite. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I guess for some people it is.

Kate Chastain and Hannah Berner

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Speaking of Berner in particular, Chastain said We, “She chose for us not to be friends at the start of the Chat filming experience.

When asked if that made it difficult to collaborate, she agreed and added, “Especially if they have a seasoned veteran, for example, showing them the way and accompanying them and, you know, actively working with them. “

Bravo has yet to announce official plans for more episodes of Chat, which wrapped up its 42-episode Season 1 earlier this month.

“[Hannah’s] engaged, so she has this big wedding to plan and I’m pretty sure she’s excited about her stand-up routine, ”Chastin joked when asked if she thought Berner would be back for others. episodes. “So I’m glad she’s hitting the road, telling these jokes.” All those funny jokes.

Berner, for his part, said We in March she hit it off with Chastain, who appeared more than once on her podcast “Berning In Hell”, before announcing her release.

“Kate is amazing. I admire her in a lot of her career developments and it was she who actually came up with a complete concept for Chat“the comedian said at the time.” She was the one who recommended me to go because we had great chemistry and she kind of created the show. … I’m just excited to see her future and grateful that she considered me part Chat. “

More recently, a representative for Berner said We that she “stands by her previous statement that she and Kate got along very well, and she wishes Kate good luck.”

When asked if she was “still friends” with Williams or Bryant, Chastain replied, “I liked Gizelle a lot. I really do. … Porsha is extremely talented, and it was really amazing working with her because, like I said, the Housewives vibe of being in front of the camera is very different from what I’m used to where we just forget that the cameras are there and we are the same people, cameras off or on. So it was really impressive to see how talented Porsha is when those cameras start rolling just that she can turn them on.

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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