When Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles was lost halfway through the season due to a shoulder injury, the fan base was greeted with a mustache-wearing backup known as by Gardner Minshew. The Washington State University rookie has since turned heads with stories of training in nothing but a jockstrap, which actually led to offers from an adult website. CamSoda. However, the old Teen mom Star Farrah Abraham has taken a similar path and says Minshew should stick with football.

“Isn’t he closing a $ 20 million football deal? For example, if I were his manager, I would close that $ 20 million, if not $ 60 million next year,” he said. said Abraham, by TooFab. “Come on! Let the offer stand. It’s flattering, but a real career also means more longevity.”

Minshew was offered $ 1 million to be a brand ambassador CamSoda last month, which, as Abraham explains, is not so rare as an event. She says several celebrities and athletes are being forced to take roles in adult films or participate in webcam sites.

Abraham actually has experience in this role as she starred in a few XXX movies after her stint in Teen mom and 16 and pregnant. Although she has since said those days are behind her.

“No, I think I dodged all those bullets from the last two years when I left Mo teensm, ”Abraham said.

Minshew did not accept the offer of CamSoda and instead focuses on keeping the Jaguars in contention for a potential playoff spot. In his seven appearances, six starts, the WSU youngster helped his team reach a 3-4 record while throwing for 1,697 yards, 10 touchdowns and just two interceptions. Although he groped eight times losing four.

Despite some difficulties, Minshew fully captured the heart of Duval County, giving birth to “Minshew Mania”. Fans dress like the QB who looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite while the Jaguars distribute thousands of false mustaches. Some lucky fans who wore “jorts” denim shorts also received Minshew jerseys.

At this point in his young career, it’s very likely that Minshew will be relegated to the replacement role once starter Nick Foles is in full health, but that doesn’t mean Minshew Mania will be over. He will continue to garner attention whether or not he is on the pitch.

As Abraham can testify, it will be better in the long run if Minshew keeps his clothes on while doing so.

(Photo credit: Don Juan Moore / Getty)