Kate Chastain in 2020

Old Under the bridge Star Kate chastain is finally frankly saying his exit from Bravo’s chat room. The show currently presents The real housewives of the Potomac Star Gizelle bryant, Summer house Star Hannah Berner, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsche williams.

By appearing on the What else is going on? podcast, Chastain revealed why she didn’t return to the show after its first season. “I really thought we should put on a talk show and talk about fashion and pop culture news on Bravo,” Chastain explained. “We were all excited, then the pandemic hit. At that point, it was like, can we do it through Zoom? We were kind of flying away… We were only given six episodes, and to be… imagine two other people and a team of people behind you that you can’t see, it’s a very awkward vibe.

Chastain continued, “We had 10 more episodes, and throughout the making Chat, we were pioneers, I like to think. He is doing very well considering that he was created at such a strange time. After doing 28 episodes, the series found its vibe. I always felt like you know that Sesame Street song, ‘One of these things isn’t like the other?’ I felt like it was me.

The old one Under the bridge star also added, “I have other things in development, I’m moving again, and I think the show is stronger for three people. They have a very similar vibe, all three of them.

Chastain was the chief flight attendant on Under the bridge during seasons two to seven.

Kate Chastain is the one who created the “Bravo chat room”

Even though Chastain moved away from Bravo chat room, she was actually the mastermind behind the show. “The whole show was Kate’s idea, ”Chastain’s co-star, Hannah berner, explained recently in an interview with StyleRoulette. “She was the one who called me up and said, “Hey, I think we have good chemistry and you’d be great on that.” So I did some chemistry tests and it ended up working.

Berner continued, “She actually created the show and she got the show off the ground. I know she has a lot of other projects going on. I just wish her the best. I don’t know exactly what’s going on. . But she teased him. I just know she’s onto bigger and better things.

Kate Chastain reportedly set to appear on another Bravo show

Although Chastain has appeared on his fair share of Bravo shows, including Chat and Under the Galley Talk Bridge, there is another show she would be open to, and that is The real housewives. In an interview in October 2020 with Us weekly, Chastain revealed that she would be open to joining The real housewives of New York.

“It’s a bit like Under the bridge,Chastain told Us Weekly at the time. “You can drink and talk about the show’s people in confessionals without work… and you don’t have to wear a uniform, [so] it sounds good.

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