Lakeith Stanfield apologizes “unconditionally” for participating in an anti-Semitic discussion at the Clubhouse. Lakeith apologized in an Instagram post. In the post, Stanfield also clarified his stance on anti-Semitism and said he did not support it anyway and was chosen to moderate the chat in the chat room but took no action. when anti-Semitic remarks were made by some of the participants.

Lakeith Stanfield apologizes for anti-Semitic talk at clubhouse

Recently, Hollywood actor Lakeith Stanfield was accused of participating in an anti-Semitic conversation. It all started when Lakeith hosted a Clubhouse chat room. The Clubhouse chat room was dedicated to the teachings of Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam since 1978, has criticized Jews for years. According to Vulture’s report, Farrakhan once declared in 2018 that “the powerful Jews” are his enemy. He also blamed the Jewish community for having a huge “grip on the media” and held them responsible for the dirty and degenerate behavior in Hollywood.

As previously mentioned, Lakeith Stanfield has apologized for participating in this Clubhouse talk. In his Instagram post, Lakeith wrote that he entered an online Clubhouse chat room about Louis Farrakhan’s teachings. Stanfield revealed that by the time members of the chat room noticed him, he became the chat moderator. Soon the discussion “took a very negative turn” and some participants made “odious anti-Semitic statements”.

Lakeith Stanfield admitted that at the time these statements were made he should have “either ended the discussion or stepped back” altogether. Then, he clarified that he “condemns hate speech and discriminatory opinions” of all kinds. He then “apologize unconditionally” for what happened in the Clubhouse chat room. In his apology post, Lakeith also mentioned that his presence in the chat room had led to providing a platform for hate speech.

Lakeith concluded his apology by saying that he was “not an anti-Semite”. He concluded his post by writing that he does not endorse any of the beliefs that were discussed in the Clubhouse chat room. Take a look at Lakeith Stanfield’s Instagram apologies for the Clubhouse chat room controversy below.


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