Oscar-nominated actor LaKeith Stanfield apologizes for attending a Clubhouse chatroom where “heinous anti-Semitic statements” were made last week. He also released a statement from the man who created this piece.

The 29-year-old, who played FBI informant Bill O’Neal in the 2020 movie “Judas and the Black Messiah,” said on Instagram Friday that he walked into a chat room on Wednesday about the teachings of Louis Farrakhan the day before and was made a moderator once his presence was noticed.

The clubhouse is a invitation-only social media platform where users can meet in audio chat rooms to discuss a myriad of topics. People’s real names appear in a list, and moderators have the option of allowing participants to speak.

The room Stanfield joined in, “Someone ended the room about Farrakhan,” was a fallout from a previous Farrakhan room that was shut down by its moderator after the speech got too inflammatory, according to the Daily beast. Podcaster Sam Bito started new room, Instagram says Stanfield video released Saturday.

“I was the person who did it [Stanfield] a moderator, ”Bito said in the video. “It has nothing to do with it. Of course, he’s famous, so people want to focus on him. But he didn’t perpetuate anything, he didn’t say anything anti-Semitic. He said Stanfield’s involvement has become a story because the celebrity “sells”.

Stanfield, who has 80,000 Clubhouse followers, spoke of his actions – or lack thereof – in his Instagram statement on Friday.

“At one point during the dialogue, the discussion took a very negative turn when several users made heinous anti-Semitic statements and at that point,” the actor wrote, “I should have either closed the discussion , or withdraw from it completely. “

Stanfield continued: “I condemn hate speech and discriminatory opinions of all kinds. I wholeheartedly apologize for what happened in this chat room and for allowing my presence to provide a platform for hate speech I am not an anti-Semite nor do I endorse all of the beliefs discussed in this chat room.

But a participant reported in the Clubhouse room said damage had been done.

“Honestly, I can’t describe it… I felt sick to my stomach for most of it” Kareem Rifai chat listener said to Daily beast Friday. “Some of the things that were said were worse than what I read or heard about neo-Nazis say, it was insane.”

Rifai said Stanfield tried to remain neutral while staying in the chat room, even after a woman who claimed to be Jewish asked him why he was not taking the opportunity to condemn hate speech.

According to Rifai, Stanfield told the woman, “It’s probably kind of an emotional piece for you, the tensions are running high and I understand it’s a very lively piece,” but would have done nothing to counter the discussion. .