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Lil Nas X posted a striking new video for his self-reflective “Call Me By Your Name” earlier last week, and it sparked tons of controversy.

The music video creates plenty of allusions to the Bible with hints of Greek mythology – not that many noticed because Biblical imagery is all everyone is talking about.

In the video, Lil Nas X lives in his version of the Garden of Eden, then slides down a stripper pole in Hell. And the public is taken by storm. Risky imagery has some viewers calling the artist a satanist, madman and a bad example for children, to which many responded with what seemed like a fair question: why do these parents let their children have access to the internet free ?

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Lil Nas X rose to fame after the release of “Old Town Road”, which was loved by younger audiences even though the song wasn’t intended for them. The lyrics “Ride on a tractor / Lean all in my bladder / Cheated on my baby / You can go ask him” clearly have sexual innuendo and are not child-friendly lyrics. So why are people surprised by the scorching character of “Call Me By Your Name?” “

For the background: “Old Town Road” exploded before Lil Nas X pulled his widely celebrated business out of the closet. “Call Me By Your Name,” a clear callback to Luca Guadagnino’s 2017 queer film of the same name, is a video where the whole world sees Lil Nas X expressing himself freely, sexually and emotionally, as the lyrics put it: ” I’m not fooled, only here to sin / If Eve isn’t in your garden you know you can / Call me when you want, call me when you need.

But the icing on the cake, besides Lil Nas X trolling people on Twitter, was the infamous “Satan Shoes”. Lil Nas X collaborated with designer MSCHF (the same artist who created Jesus Nike Air Max’s), to create custom Nike Air Max 97s that could be worn by the devil himself. The shoes, which are said to contain a drop of human blood, sold out within a minute, according to Entertainment News. Take whatever you want with it, but I would call it smart marketing.

Marketing strategy or not, the video is impressive. The video has a story, it provokes emotion, Lil Nas X does his own stunts and he even co-directed it with Tanu Muino. Muino has worked with Cardi B, Katy Perry, and YUNGBLUD, to name a few.

You can’t deny that this is not a good video, even if it doesn’t match your taste. In no time, he sparked many conversations. And after all, that’s what good art does – it starts conversations.