It’s another great day to go in search of surfing along the southern half of Florida’s east coast. There is more NE swell mid-season in the water creating a third consecutive day of head-up and bigger surf with mostly clean conditions south of Cape Canaveral. Winds have improved for North Florida compared to the past few days, but the surf has not been able to organize or clean up completely.

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From Cocoa Beach to South Florida, light winds to offshore winds keep the surf clean. The wind should turn for the afternoon, but it shouldn’t be blowing. And the swell persists for a few more days. Check out your forecast below to see what to expect for the rest of the week – and watch the action below on the live cam feeds to see who is making the most of today’s surfing.

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Central florida

NE swell lines always roll from Pelican Beach to Satellite Beach.

Melbourne Beach also likes a NE swell, as long as the winds stay out of the west.

The reefs north of Satellite Beach at Hightower Beach.

The cape blocks out some of the swell at the Cocoa Beach Pier, making the surf more manageable.

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The wave height animation shows how the high pressure does the heavy lifting for the swell, creating seas the entire length of the east coast – the low pressure just off Florida creates light winds and better conditions.

South florida

Juno Pier in northern Palm Beach County.

Southside of Lake Worth Pier in central Palm Beach County.

Delray Beach in southern Palm Beach County.

South Beach, Miami was the hotspot for South Florida to start the day on Sunday, but the swell direction is now less favorable to them.

North Florida

Winds are okay just north of Cape Canaveral, but the Daytona-New Smyrna Beach area is still close to coastal winds and not getting a full and proper cleanup. Best bet? Look for a structure, like piers or jetties, if you are looking – here is Sunglow Pier just south of Daytona Beach.

Flagler Pier is just south of St. Augustine in North Florida and looks more manageable than it was over the weekend.

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