Live camera footage showed raging waters at Roaring River following severe storms that swept through southwestern Missouri on Wednesday.

“This is a major flood today,” said Paul Spurgeon, Roaring River hatchery manager. “We got about three inches in 40 minutes.”

The canyon just behind the hatchery pushed a wave of water and “flowed pretty hard,” Spurgeon said.

“It looked like it always happened,” he added. “When the water comes down and takes us from behind like that, it sweeps the hatchery a bit.”

The main concern is the hatchery building, which sits on the lowest area and is full of fry or baby trout.

“We’re trying to keep these guys in place right now,” Spurgeon said.

Roaring River is home to one of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s hatcheries and has completed construction on a nearly $ 2 million project that replaced spring pool falls with electric gates. The flood control structure at the entrance to the source has also been replaced with a watertight pipe.

Although reports continue to come in, further storm damage has been reported on the Jake’s Creek Trail in Stone County. Southern Stone County Fire Protection District shared via social networks that they responded to a house that had partially collapsed. Two people were counted. At least one utility pole was knocked down, along with trees and signs.

Among the testimonies of flooded water on Highway 65 near the Busiek State Forest and wildlife reserve and at least a collapsed tree in Shepherd of the Hills, Bella White shared a video of whitewater along a road in Reeds Spring.

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Stormy water viewed at Reeds Spring

Water was seen flowing along a road in the spring of Reeds on April 28, 2021.

Bella White, Springfield News-Leader

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