Photo by Joe Amarante

There is a lot to browse on streaming sites, as we discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon’s Fire Stick and other web-dependent devices find entire networks of free and premium content with names like Sling, Hulu, Paramount, IMDB, Pluto, Amazon Prime, Disney + and, of course, Netflix. It’s a bit exhausting.

But to watch live, real-time scenes in Connecticut, you can call up footage from a growing number of live webcams. State traffic cameras show a significantly lighter volume of vehicles on the roads. A camera poll at noon Tuesday looked more like 6 a.m. than it did in the afternoon. So it’s pretty boring right now.

A selection of Nest doorbell cameras can be intriguing in these days of constant package deliveries and willful thieves, but it’s not doable. More fun is scanning nature cameras around the state, including the irresistible penguin live of the Mystical Aquarium. There are two views of the outdoor penguin swimming area and there are three beluga cameras.

From Madison, the Osprey hammonasset vamera of the Menunkatuck Audubon Society and its yellow-crowned Night Heron camera were empty the other day but were shaking dramatically in the wind. The Falkner Island Seal Cam was devoid of seals, but there were stranded birds and lively waves due to an impending storm.

Menunkatuck Osprey Camera West River Memorial Park in New Haven featured a large osprey, rotating its head to look around like a nervous tourist in an escape room.

Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport has a quartet of cameras you can check in – outside and inside red panda camera (wonderful animals with fluffy, striped tales and white faces; and the exterior and interior spider silver cameras.

Online webcam links can be hit or miss as long as they work or perform well. We saw one for the Westbrook shore which was actually a scene from Maine.

For weather views, there is the Ridgefield Academy in Wilton or the Quinnipiac University York Hill Campus cam in Hamden.