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A 50-year-old man arrested in a shot for allegedly attempting to meet a 13-year-old girl first drew police attention to an internet chat room, police said.

Peter Smith, 50, of 21 Grace Road, Woburn, was arraigned before Ipswich District Court Judge Peter Doyle last week on one misdemeanor and five counts, court records show.

The bond was set at $ 15,000 in cash for two counts of sending obscene articles to a minor and one count of distributing obscene articles, attracting a child under 16 years old, possessing a firearm and attempting to commit a felony (kidnapping), according to records.

The operation to apprehend Smith called for the services of several police departments, according to the complaint filed by Ipswich Detective Peter Dziadose.

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Dziadose said he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force in an undercover role. He portrayed a 13-year-old girl and monitored a teenage public chat group on the Kik app.

At approximately 5:15 pm on November 10, police claimed that “Bostonpete” had sent a message to “the child”, referring to his application profile.

The message simply said “hello”, but, in a subsequent conversation, Smith allegedly provided information on her marital status (single). He said he had no children and worked for a “luxury transport company,” according to Dziadose’s report.

“He also provided me with three unsolicited photos of his face,” he added. These were then used to identify and find Smith’s address, police said.

The complaint on file alleged that Smith learned he was chatting with a 13-year-old girl. “That’s great. I had a secret daddy-daughter relationship… and I miss it. Do you agree?” Smith would have responded.

Smith would have liked to be called “daddy,” especially in public, and the relationship would be their “little secret,” according to the complaint.

He asked about the underwear and sexual matters, and during a conversation on Nov. 16, he allegedly sent a photo of his genitals, according to the complaint.

Smith allegedly suggested that he and “the kid” meet at the North Shore Mall to shop and commit sex acts he described, police said.

He picked Sunday, Nov.22 between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, police said.

“It should be noted that Smith appeared to acknowledge that what he was doing was wrong and against the law, as he told ‘the child’ on several occasions that he hoped she would delete the messages between. both, especially the photo of the penis he sent her, ”Dziadose wrote.

Smith reportedly said he wanted the relationship to be a secret and that he would be “safer” if no one knew, according to the report.

He would also have verified “you are not a cop or affiliated with the police force. I have to be careful here, ”police said.

Smith said he wanted to make sure it wasn’t put in place, they claimed. “I don’t want to show up and be arrested for talking to a younger girl,” he reportedly sent a message.

On the day of the alleged meeting, detectives from the Woburn Police Department in Salisbury were enlisted to help, Dziadose said.

Two detectives from Woburn were assigned to watch Smith’s grandmother’s residence in South Boston, he said. Two more followed Smith from his residence at the mall and told the team what type of vehicle to expect, he added.

A Newbury and Newburyport detective was inside the mall for security and cover reasons, Dziadose said. He and detectives from Peabody and Salisbury were also there.

The dismantling team included Officer Daniel Holway from Ipswich, as well as two detectives from Peabody and a State Police detective.

On the morning of November 22, Smith was said to have been in constant communication with “the child,” police said. He entered the mall in his 2020 VW Passat and was pulled over without incident, Dziadose said.

Smith reportedly told police he had a gun, a 9mm Sig Sauer in a holster on his left hip. He would have had nine cartridges in the magazine and a chamber, police added.

Police said they also found a GPS device in the car and a Massachusetts State Police patch on the driver’s side front dashboard.

Smith was taken to Peabody Police Station and booked after the arrest, police said.