Courtesy of the Maryland Zoo website

Watch the African Watering Hole from your computer screen!

When the whole world shut down in the wake of COVID-19, listening to the Maryland Zoo live webcams have become a boon. Lucky for us, they put two more animals in the queue. A hint: they both come from the African Watering Hole exhibition!

Zebras and ostriches are now the last animals to come into the spotlight. Customers can see them from their computers between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily, doing what zebras and ostriches do best.

Courtesy of the Maryland Zoo

Since this falls during the zoo’s peak hours (they close at 4 p.m.), viewers are likely to see a wide range of activities during the day, from eating and napping to strutting around the exhibit. . Some of the featured residents include Matilda the Ostrich and Addie the Zebra.

Plains Zebras are originally from East and South-East Africa, while ostriches lie north and south of the equatorial forest belt. Neither species is considered threatened or endangered, according to the zoo.

The African watering hole is home to lions, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and other native species. New rhinos will join the exhibition later this year, as reported by WJZ-TV.

Currently, the zoo offers live streams of flamingos, penguins, elephants and lions. Between these and the new additions, there is a lot of animal content to be had, but our fingers crossed that the zoo is adding more. Maybe lemurs or otters could be next? In any case, you can consult them here.

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