Let the black cubes alone

The live feed from NASA’s solar camera reportedly turned dark after an ominous black cube shot out of the fiery ball of gas from space, leading conspiracy theorists to speculate about the involvement of aliens.

Extraterrestrial expert Scott C Waring discovered the strange black cube while looking at images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory launched in 1995. According to his website, the project aims to “study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind”. .”

The images are readily available to the public, which is where alien expert Waring discovered the strange black cube.

Speaking about his supposed cube sighting on his popular blog and Youtube channel UFO Sightings Daily, Waring claimed that NASA stopped the feed once the object revealed itself on May 2 at around 1:06 p.m. GMT.

“You can see the cube coming out of the Sun and right after that a big glitch that covers 25% of it. There it is, gone! Glitch!” he told his supporters. “Two images of the cube coming out of the Sun, then a huge glitch…one, two, glitch. Guys, this is mind-boggling…it’s on the official SOHO website, you also see the cube and the timestamp matches.”

The Helioviewer project, a platform similar to SOHO, also died around the same time and is also funded by ESA and NASA. While their website showed an error message, Waring had his own theories. Sorry, conspiracy theories.

“Guys, this is undeniable proof that NASA and SOHO are part of the cover-up,” he claimed. “They’re trying to hide these black cubes that go through space, to and from our Sun.”

The black cube is visible in the lower right corner/Via SOHO

“What do you think they harvest?” he wondered, before suggesting that the Sun could be hollow.

The clip sparked a conversation in the comments where one user wrote, “I wonder – does this give birth to this or does this take the sun? Epic take!”

Others weren’t so convinced, as another said: “If you think someone could hide something that big when there are countless amateur astronomers with telescopes, you you’re crazy.”

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