November 13, 2022

Sunday morning update

Cold air had finally arrived with strong winds and perhaps a challenge for the Bay Bridge Run. The steady 20mph winds will blow up to 30mph and keep our temps cold. It has already brought snow to the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia. See photos and live webcam below.

More on the way?

Well, first a freeze warning for metropolitan areas west of the bay via Delaware, then we watch the next system Tuesday night.

Sunday morning snow

This is a new 1 inch off the ground in Garrett County, MD near Deep Creek Lake. Kristin Skeweris sent this while it was still snowing. See the Web Cam below.

Live snow camera

This webcam is positioned at Greene Turtle Lake Deep Creek and shows Wisp Resort, including an enlarged view of Squirrel Cage, The Face, Snow Park, Boulder, Roller Coaster, Tubing Park and a photo of McHenry Cove at Deep Creek Lake!

Snow in Rowelsburg, WV by Larry Rogers

About 30 miles from Deep Creek Lake. Also about 1 inch off the ground and still falling…

Snow forecast NWS

This has already overproduced, and an additional 1-inch coating is possible this morning.

Morning surface weather

With the cold front off the coast and high pressure dominating most of the nation along with a mass of cool Canadian air, the Lake Effect snow machine is open for business….



Wind forecast until midnight

The winds will be strong today, then will calm down tonight.

Wind forecast for November 13 Sunday

Snapshot at 2 p.m.

Maximum wind gusts up to 30 mph.


Wind Chill

It will definitely be colder with the winds today.

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Frost warning

With the wind calm overnight, temperatures will reach near 32°F for urban areas on the western shore of the bay across much of Delaware.


TODAY November 13

Normal low in Baltimore: 37ºF

Record 22ºF in 2019

SNOW: 3” 1904

Normal high in Baltimore: 58°F

Record 77ºF 1955

Monday morning

Monday afternoon

Much of the area will remain in the 1940s!

Next week: Next storm

Storm Animation from 7:00 a.m. TUE to 7:00 p.m. WED

Snow forecast for November 13

Tuesday night GFS model

I highlighted the potential of where snowflakes can fly. This is NOT a sticking promise. The ground needs to cool sufficiently and early season events are a challenge to note when and where snow can settle and stay.

There is hope that he falls nearby. FITF


This has a slower fix, bringing precipitation about 6 hours later and a bit warmer.

Extended temperature outlook

Just take a look at the GFS for now. I’m running out of time to do a full 7-day forecast. I hope to have that in my report tonight.

Cold Air here to stay ’til Thanksgiving

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