There is no need to lie. Anxiety and stress levels are, to put it mildly, high. December has Yule Log videos, and, maybe, with the way things are going, each month needs its own version of this calming, meditative video. August could be a looping flow of ocean tide rising and falling along a beach. September could feature a week-long video of a leaf hanging from a branch, changing color. Maybe October is just Pennywise sitting on a patio, enjoying sweater weather and unwrapping a Werther’s Original.

They are all pipe dreams. (However, if you want to make one of these videos for me, I will absolutely watch it.) However, the calming November video is 100% real. Polar Bears International and Explore.org start their polar bear live webcams for the season. The stream will begin in late October, with a focus on amplifying the Polar Bear Week lineup from November 1-7.

The stream doesn’t give you a front row seat – you’ll be home with the option to sip a fall beer or cocktail – but a pretty solid spot for the seasonal polar bear migration. The stream begins October 20, but Polar Bear Week often coincides with when polar bear migration is at its peak, a representative told Thrillist.

The live broadcast will host special programming during Polar Bear Week, although the broadcast will continue after the conclusion of a polar bear’s response to Fat Bear Week. One of the most needed programs in early November is the “Zen with the Polar Bears” session on November 3rd. In case you haven’t had enough reminders by this point, it would be election day in the United States. The show will include music and guided relaxation, as well as an implicit reminder that your vote in the election will have implications for how the United States deals with the growing climate crisis for coming years.

The stream usually cuts off in mid-November when there is enough ice in Hudson Bay for polar bears to migrate from shore to ice, which is bad news for the seals. However, this date has become increasingly late over the years due to global warming.

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