Two Catawba County students were contacted on the internet by people who wanted to exploit them, according to a social media post by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office.

The two students were contacted on their Chromebooks through chat rooms associated with internet gaming sites, according to the post. The students received a link inviting them to a Zoom meeting where the predators attempted to solicit inappropriate images and videos.

The sheriff’s office is working with schools in Catawba County to investigate the episodes and “to minimize the potential for further targeting of students,” the post said.

The message advises parents to monitor their child’s online activities while using Chromebooks, personal computers, laptops, cell phones or other devices.

“If your child is contacted via the internet by someone they don’t know, please ask them not to reply to that person or to start a dialogue with that person,” the message read.

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The message also encouraged parents and students to notify a school administrator or their school resource officer if they are contacted by a stranger.