UFO enthusiasts on the internet have been thrown into a frenzy after video showed a strange shape emerging from a volcano.

The startling images taken at the Popocateptl volcano in Mexico appear to depict a large object with three separate strands moving slowly across the night sky.

It was recorded on a permanent camera monitoring the volcano at 4:50 a.m. on Tuesday, March 29 and reported by UFO fanatic Scott C Waring from Taiwan.

Scott, who runs the UFO Sightings Daily website, said he believed the object was about 500 meters long and “100%” a “single-winged craft” returning to space from Earth.

UFO enthusiast says mysterious shape seen moving behind volcano is ‘100%’ alien spacecraft leaving Earth

Describing the incident and giving his theory on the mysterious event in a blog post this week, he wrote: “The object was moving slowly and it was huge, like a single winged craft. The object measured about 500 meters wide, about the size of the mouth of the volcano.

“There is no plane of this size in the world. The size alone tells us that this is 100% an alien craft leaving Earth.”

He went on to say that he had observed this volcano for “over ten years”, and observed that it was “nice to see” other UFO enthusiasts also looking at volcano cameras.

Taiwan's Scott C Waring said the object's size proved it was extra-terrestrial
Scott said the size of the object proved it was extraterrestrial

There are “dozens of weekly reports” of activity at the volcano from “many more”, Scott added.

In January, Scott shared another intriguing theory he had come up with from trawling through satellite maps of the South Pole.

He said a mountain in Antarctica showed the face of Jesus Christ and may have been placed there “deliberately” by extraterrestrials to show humans that the Christian messiah was actually one of them.

Scott said it was proof that Jesus was an alien who came to Earth to “inculcate morals and rules” to help “early chaotic humans achieve enlightenment.”

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