The Frying Pan Tower’s live webcam welcomes Hurricane Florence.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser / CNET

Hurricane Florence could weaken a bit, but it could still be devastating for parts of the east coast of the United States. You can follow the onset of the storm on an Explore.org live camera that broadcasts from a spooky offshore vantage point near Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Warning: turn down the volume before pressing play. The winds are crazy.

The camera is attached to the Frying pan tower, 34 miles (55 kilometers) off the coast of Cape Fear. The tower once served as a Coast Guard lighthouse station, but is now privately owned. The course is squarely in the projected path of Florence.

The live video stream shows a corner of the tower and an American flag which is absolutely destroyed by the leading edge of the hurricane, which is expected to linger along the coast until the weekend.

Explore.org experiences significant internet traffic due to people following the hurricane, but the live webcam does an admirable job of staying on.

The impending storm caused evacuations along the coast. Images captured by satellites and cameras aboard the International Space Station show a huge hurricane that is expected to trigger a storm surge, high winds and flooding.