Summer house Hannah Berner star revealed why Kate Chastain stepped out Bravo chat room. His absence from Season 2 came as a shock to fans. Kate and Hannah were both co-hosts on the new nighttime show. However, Kate left without making a statement to fans.

Some speculated that there was some drama among the co-hosts. Others have speculated if Kate will return in season 9 of Under the bridge. So far Kate is determined to embark on a new career outside of yachting. In a new interview, Hannah revealed that the old Chief Stew has moved on to “bigger and better” projects.

Hannah Berner explained why the Under the bridge star left

The Bravo star had an exclusive interview with StyleRoulette. Hannah revealed the reason Kate Chastian really quit Bravo chat room. Apparently Kate has a few plans up her sleeve. And she’s not filming the ninth season of Under the bridge. The series is currently filming season 9 and fans are wondering who is on the new squad.

Kate shared that she was back in Florida. In his interview with StyleRoulette, Hannah said Kate simply left Bravo’s chat room on good terms with all of her co-hosts. She just wants to move on to better projects. However, Kate is still the producer of the series.

“The whole show was Kate’s idea,” Hannah said. StyleRoulette. “She was the one who called me up and said, ‘Hey, I think we have great chemistry and you’d be great on that. “So I did some chemistry tests and it ended up working.

The Summer house the star credited Kate for launching the series. But the TV personality has other plans in the works. Hannah admits that she doesn’t know Kate’s full story. Looks like the old yachtie wants to move on.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on,” Hannah continued. “But she teased him. I just know she’s into bigger and better things.

Who would make a good replacement?

Now that Kate Chastain is gone, Hannah has shared her idea of ​​a third replacement. She exclaimed that she would like someone from the West Coast. Most of the co-hosts on Bravo chat room come from the east coast.

“I love Margaret Josephs,” she said. “She’s straightforward and hilarious. Maybe someone from Beverly Hills because we talk about it a lot. [Lisa] Rinna could be interesting. But a lot of it is chemistry, and I think Margaret Josephs could stick with us because there is a lot of energy on the east coast.

Does Kate Chastain star in another Under the bridge spin off?

Casting agents previously teased that Under the bridge could charter in cold waters. So far, most of the franchise has shot in warmer or tropical climates. If there is another spinoff series in progress, that would bring the total to four.

Kate even teased the idea of ​​the casting on her Instagram. She even shared edited photos of herself delivering champagne to a nearby iceberg. But that doesn’t mean Kate is returning to the show. She has had several projects since leaving the Bravo series, including Under the Galley Talk Bridge, Without any excuse Kate Chastain, Ghost, and Watch With Kate.

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