Won’t YouTube say comments?

Sergey Konkov / Getty Images

The comments section of YouTube can be a mix between no man’s land in war zone and the Wild West. Translation: The place can be dangerous. So instead of making you read what the New Statesman called “the Internet’s worst”, YouTube is working on a new feature that would hide comments by default.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but did confirm the test in a statement to TechCrunch on Friday. “This is one of the many small experiments that we’re running all the time on YouTube, and we’ll be looking at rolling out features more broadly based on feedback on those experiments,” the Google-owned site told the post. XDA developers spotted the test in India on Wednesday.

You have to scroll through the engage buttons and recommended videos to find the comments section on Android and iOS now, but the new test would hide the comments section entirely. Comments would instead be accessible by clicking on a new icon, below the video and to the right of the thumbs down icon. Comments can also be found by scrolling through Recommended Videos, just like before, but you’ll have to tap to see them.

It remains to be seen whether a user’s engagement with a video would drop if comments were hidden.

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